Products & Applications

The following is a list of coverages generally available through EIS. Please note that many risks require a combination of these coverages to adequately address their environmental needs.

For information about target classes of business, please visit our TARGET RISK page.

Product Name

Available For


Contractors Pollution Liability All types of contractors Download Application
Contractors Pollution & Professional Liability All environmental contractors/consultants and non-environmental contractors that require both Pollution and Professional Liability coverage. Download Application
Environmental Contractors & Consultants Package Environmental Contractors and Consultants where CGL is needed. Download Application
Packages for Environmental and Recycling Facilities Coverage for any recycling facility, landfill, storage and treatment facility where CGL and Pollution coverage is needed. Download Application
Site Pollution Pollution coverage for any owned, leased, or managed facility. Download Application
Products Pollution Liability Coverage for Manufacturers and Distributors of products. Download Application
Energy/Oil & Gas Contractors & Consultants Any oil and gas related contractors and consultants. Download Application
Transportation Pollution Liability All accounts where the insured needs pollution coverage for items they are transporting. Download Application
Hazardous Transporter Coverage with Auto Liability Any hauler of liquid or solid waste that requires. Download Application
Excess Coverage Excess is available for any account with a CGL/Pollution Package Policy. Please Send ACORD Excess Application
Storage Tank Coverage   Download Application