Consultants & Engineers

The last few years has seen a increased concern over testing for soil/groundwater contamination, air quality, mold, asbestos, and other pollutions in the environment. Due to this increased concern, the demand for environmental consultants and engineers continues to grow. Environmental Consultants work with industries ranging from real estate, to construction, to oil/gas industries .

A sampling of the work that the Environmental Consultants we work with may include:

  • Expert Witness/Litigation Support 
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Soil Sampling & Analysis
  • Storage Tank Assessments/Testing
  • Phase I, II, III Reports
  • Wetlands/Wildlife Consulting
  • Oilfield Oversight/Testing
  • Mold/Lead/Contaminate Testing

These professionals inspect properties to assess potential contamination in the form of lead, mold asbestos, radon, and other potential contaminates.

Coverage's most often provided for Environmental based Consultants

General Liability/Contractors Pollution/Professional - GL/Pollution packages provide the broadest possible coverage for contractors whose operations include contact with jobs or materials which can cause or have already caused a pollution event. Carrier appetites vary, but we at EIS have the capability to provide these packages to both the pure Environmental contracting risk as well as those contractors that don't fit into a normal box in terms of exposure or standard market appetite. Combining commercial general liability with contractors pollution, professional liability, and transportation liability provides a strong net of protection while remaining very competitive from a pricing standpoint.

CPL/PL - (Contractors Pollution Liability and Professional Liability) - Coverage can be written for both non-Environmental contractors and Environmental Contractors. This coverage can be need based or contractual depending on the characteristics of the particular risk.