Contractors account for a significant portion of the Environmental business written. With so many types of contracting operations doing business in the marketplace, finding the right coverage's and pricing can be extremely challenging. EIS specializes in the placement of contractors, and matching each individual risk with the appropriate coverages and competitive pricing that provides our agents and their contractor clients with the best possible product. Whether the Contractor is Environmental based, Energy related, or an artisan/trade contractor, there are Environmental products that can meet the risk management or contractual needs of each client.
Examples Contractors written:

  • Pipeline I/S/R contractors - GL/Pollution package - Contractors Pollution - Contractors Pollution/Professional
  • Asphalt/Paving contractors - Contractors Pollution or CPL/E&O
  • Remediation - Restoration contractors (all types) - GL/Pollution Package
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Fire/Water restoration and build back
  • Drug - Meth Lab cleanup and restoration
  • Mold
  • Soil
  • Emergency Response
  • Haz-Mat cleanup and remediation
  • Disaster Recovery remediation and restoration
  • Storage tanks I/S/R and removal - both UST and AST - GL/Pollution package
  • Any Non-Environmental Contractor (Plumbing, HVAC, Painting, Carpentry, etc…) - CPL or CPL/PL
  • Industrial Maintenance, Service, or Janitorial contractors - GL/Pollution package or CPL - CPL/PL
  • Pumping Contractors - Wastewater (carwashes, industrial, oil & gas)
  • Solid Waste Disposal Contractors - Can be soil, sludge, mud, waste products, etc...

Coverage's most often provided for Non-Environmental Contractors

CPL - (Contractors Pollution Liability) - most often written for non-Environmental Contractors that have an exposure which cannot be addressed by their standard market package or is needed due to contractual requirements of a job. This coverage can also be written for Environmental based contractors although it is much more likely for circumstances to dictate quoting an "all lines" package policy for these operations

CPL/PL -  Contractors Pollution Liability and Professional Liability - Can be written for both non-Environmental contractors and Environmental Contractors. This coverage can be need based or contractual depending on the characteristics of the particular risk.

CPL/TPL - Contractors Pollution Liability and Transportation Pollution Liability - Can be provided to Non-Environmental contractors on a need or contractual basis. Many General and Artisan/Trade contractors have a pollution exposure both at the job site and while in transit. Janitorial Services, Landscape and lawn care contractors, street and road construction contractors, etc… often times not only use various chemicals and potential pollutants at the jobsite but also carry those materials over the road both to and from the jobsite. A normal Auto policy does not provide coverage for the spill and cleanup of those chemicals while over the road. A CPL/TPL policy will cover pollution exposures both at the jobsite and while "in transit".

Coverages most often provided for Environmental based Contractors

GL/CPL/PL (TPL often times added) - GL/Pollution packages provide the broadest possible coverage for contractors whose operations include contact with jobs or materials which can cause or have already caused a pollution event. Carrier appetites vary, but we at EIS have the capability to provide these packages to both the pure Environmental contracting risk as well as those contractors that don't fit into a normal box in terms of exposure or standard market appetite. Combining commercial general liability with contractors pollution, professional liability, and transportation liability provides a strong net of protection while remaining very competitive from a pricing standpoint.

GL/CPL/SITE - Some Environmental contracting operations involve not only work at a third party site, but also the removal of materials from jobsite back to the insureds location where additional services are rendered. Those materials, which can include solid waste, chemicals, or any other contaminated product, present a pollution exposure to the contractor at his owned (or first party) location. Pollution coverage for an owned location is provided via Site pollution. EIS can combine the GL/CPL and Site pollution to cover not only the contracting operations of the insured, but also to protect the exposure present at the insured's location

Oilfield Contractors - For the Oil & Gas Industry to operate efficiently, it takes a team of contractors to support each operation. Environmental Insurance products are available for these contractors, and at EIS we have the knowledge and capability to place these contracting risks and to insure their exposures and contractual obligations are met. In an already booming industry that is forecasted to increase in size and geographic over the next decade, many agents will be presented with the task of finding the proper coverage for their clients who are now doing work for Oil & Gas. EIS is here to help agents every step of the way. Whether it's a monoline pollution product needed or a broad and all encompassing package policy, we can provide a solution to these risks